With extensive background in TPM, including years of experience with Milliken, we are well prepared to help with continuous improvement efforts.  We also have significant program management experience leading and facilitating groups in the areas of cost reduction, operational process improvement and business process redesign. 

·         Business Process Reengineering 

·         Lean/Six Sigma 

·         Process Mapping/Value Stream Mapping 

·         TPM 

o   Safety 

o   Focused Improvement 

o   Quality 

o   Planned Maintenance 

o   Continuous Skills Development 

o   Autonomous Maintenance 

o   Office TPM / 5S 

o   Early Equipment Management / New Product Development 

·         Kaizen Events 

o   Time Studies 

o   Work Sampling 

o   Detailed Studies 

o   Bottleneck Analysis 

o   Run Rate Analysis



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