We identify and help our clients steer successfully through the minefield of issues and trends that could potentially derail business success.

On issues of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, activism, litigation, changing public perceptions, community-based trends, environmental topics, sustainability or public health concerns, we has the tools and experienced teams to identify and interpret key issues as they emerge and to develop meaningful strategies to effectively manage or leverage them. We also actively participate in leading global organizations devoted to issue management, receiving timely intelligence and insights about all aspects of effective management strategies.

• Issues Audit and Implications
• Intelligence Gathering, Environmental Scans and Forecasting

• Interdisciplinary Team Mobilization and Training
• CEO and Board Briefings
• Strategic Response Planning and Implementation
• Alliance-building and Third-party Resource Development
• White Paper and Strategic Materials Development
• Audience Surveys and Studies
• Message Development and Communications Management
• Team Facilitation and Support
• Program Refinement and Measurement

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