When all is said and done, a company or brand’s reputation is arguably its most valuable asset. We offer unrivaled expertise in building and managing stellar reputations across stakeholder groups and business segments. We are recognized as experts in critical companion disciplines – from issue management and stakeholder communications to crisis management and strategic alignment – that are vital to maintaining credibility and protecting hard-won reputations.

• Brand and Stakeholder Audits and Reputation Diagnostics
• Brand and Stakeholder Strategy Development
• Communication Program Design and Implementation
• Image Campaigns
• Corporate Responsibility Assessment and Initiatives
• Brand Development and Positioning
• Crisis and Issue Management
• Message Evaluation and Refinement

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The proposed FSMA rule for intentional contamination uses the phrase "a person knowledgeable about food defense" in several places. What it doesn't tell you is how to choose a consultant (internal or ...
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Missing from the proposed FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) rule on intentional contamination is any requirement for "broad mitigation strategies."  In this article we will explore the implica...
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The FSMA proposed rule on intentional contamination provides two ways to determine what are called "actionable process steps."  This is a facility and process-specific "point, step or procedure" ...
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In Part 1 of this blog we discussed the first of two approaches for determining "actionable process steps."  This is a facility-specific "point, step, or procedure" in a food process where there ...
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People that have been working with Food Defense will notice some things that they have previously focused on that are missing from the proposed rule for intentional contamination. In this post we will...
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