OneFoodTeam media relations services connect with targeted stakeholders, enhance reputations and generate sales and revenue. Whether raising awareness around an important issue, making a product a marketplace “star” or elevating the visibility of a company or executive team, we have the expertise, creative approaches and 1:1 contacts to generate local, regional, national or global prominence.

Our belief is that rather than a brief sizzle of media interest or Internet notoriety, most clients are better served by integrating a longer-term media strategy that leverages compelling, relevant and strategically-focused news to create growing momentum and a sustainable base of positive perception. Finally, we maintain a solid base of active media contacts and resources across all critical categories.

• Media Strategy
• Compelling Materials Development
• 1:1 Media Outreach and Placement
• Media Training
• Press Briefings, Conferences and Events
• Media Tours, Photo Opportunities, Video Story Development
• Media Relations to Manage Crises or Issues
• Social Media Strategies, Assessment and Implementation

At the heart of today’s value equation is the strategic alignment of the organization across all internal and external stakeholder groups, including critical gatekeepers and influencers. All elements of the corporate enterprise must be effectively aligned in order to achieve optimal competitive advantage, maximum efficiency, operational excellence and sales superiority. The corporate vision and how it plays out structurally, organizationally and culturally must be clearly communicated and understood to maintain and expand corporate leadership and leverage opportunities for continuing success.

• Assessment and Gap Analysis
• Strategic Program Design
• One-Voice Alignment Solutions
• Communication Materials and Management
• Speechwriting and Executive Coaching
• Media Training
• Media Relations
• Monitoring & Success Measurement

Today's marketplace is littered with the debris of companies and brands that failed to connect with the audiences most important to their fate. We help clients understand who is shaping opinions and what current stakeholders perceive, understand and expect. Of equal importance, we deliver practical and cost-efficient plans to build and enhance relationships with critical stakeholder groups – and those who influence them.

We ensure that your brand, product or service is differentiated and resonates throughout the entire spectrum of stakeholders. We engage, influence, persuade and change the behaviors of critical audiences and influencers in order to benefit performance and drive value.

• Research and Assessment
• Program Planning and Design
• Strategy Development
• Full-service Communications Initiatives
• Consumer, Customer and Channel Campaigns
• Gatekeeper Strategies
• Performance Metrics


The OneFoodTeam Crisis Management lead consultant is recognized as one of the pre-eminent crisis management experts in the nation. With deep expertise, credentials, resources and experience in all aspects of the food industry, we strive to ensure that our clients are prepared to immediately and effectively contain and resolve potentially damaging events as well as to guard against their occurring in the first place.

A unique planning and preparedness model offered to OneFoodTeam clients has been called “the most thorough, professional, streamlined and effective in the food industry” by clients and independent experts alike. Clients have credited our consultants with helping them significantly minimize risk, ensure rapid response and containment, prevent or limit negative business exposure and protect tangible assets and reputations.

• Risk Assessment and Crisis Planning
• Team Development and Training
• Preparedness, Prevention and Containment Strategies
• 24/7 Urgent Response and Containment
• Recall Support
• Full-Alert Crisis Drills and Scenario-based Training
• Strategic Crisis Communications and Media Management
• Spokesperson Readiness
• Incident Debrief and Recovery
• Executive Leadership Strategies

When all is said and done, a company or brand’s reputation is arguably its most valuable asset. We offer unrivaled expertise in building and managing stellar reputations across stakeholder groups and business segments. We are recognized as experts in critical companion disciplines – from issue management and stakeholder communications to crisis management and strategic alignment – that are vital to maintaining credibility and protecting hard-won reputations.

• Brand and Stakeholder Audits and Reputation Diagnostics
• Brand and Stakeholder Strategy Development
• Communication Program Design and Implementation
• Image Campaigns
• Corporate Responsibility Assessment and Initiatives
• Brand Development and Positioning
• Crisis and Issue Management
• Message Evaluation and Refinement

We identify and help our clients steer successfully through the minefield of issues and trends that could potentially derail business success.

On issues of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, activism, litigation, changing public perceptions, community-based trends, environmental topics, sustainability or public health concerns, we has the tools and experienced teams to identify and interpret key issues as they emerge and to develop meaningful strategies to effectively manage or leverage them. We also actively participate in leading global organizations devoted to issue management, receiving timely intelligence and insights about all aspects of effective management strategies.

• Issues Audit and Implications
• Intelligence Gathering, Environmental Scans and Forecasting

• Interdisciplinary Team Mobilization and Training
• CEO and Board Briefings
• Strategic Response Planning and Implementation
• Alliance-building and Third-party Resource Development
• White Paper and Strategic Materials Development
• Audience Surveys and Studies
• Message Development and Communications Management
• Team Facilitation and Support
• Program Refinement and Measurement

Expert marketing-based PR solutions offer a powerful strategic weapon to drive brand value, build corporate reputation, launch products, expand customer loyalty and increase sales.  The onefoodteam is focused on exceeding projected results and helping food companies, their brands and offerings break through marketplace clutter to achieve exceptional share of mind and market share.

Our marketing-based PR solutions create the context in which your brands and products exist for each critical stakeholder audience. They create the relevancy that resonates on an individual level and builds an enduring emotional bond, resulting in customer satisfaction that translates to measurable value.

• Customized PR Strategy & Execution
• Company, Brand & Product Launches
• Restages & Sustaining Programs
• Breakthrough Idea Generation
• Promotions & Cross-marketing
• Materials Development
• Customer, Channel & Consumer Campaigns
• Traditional and Social Media Relations

• Consumer Studies & “Research for Ink”
• Relationship Marketing/Affinity Programs
• Marketing Alliances
• Sponsorships
• Cause-related Programs and Mission Marketing
• Special Events
• In-store Activities & Promotions

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