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Project Management

Using the Periscope Method, we improve communications, reduce delays, save costs and speed startup and ramp up to full production.  Our method includes the best people, best tools, and best processes to bring your project to completion without all the surprises and angst.

We embed ourselves into the client team, acting as an “owners-agent” to manage all the other project managers, giving a complete and transparent picture of the project at all times.  Our unique scheduling techniques warn you well in advance of potential delays – that’s refreshing, and gives all parties the opportunity to come up with solutions.

We include systems that aren’t touched by the big engineering firms, including operational development and commissioning.  That could mean everything from hiring the staff to creating the HR, Occupational Safety, Quality and management systems before startup.  And it also means planning for and executing for a smooth startup with rapid production ramp up.

Project Management represents a core strength, spanning all of our functional expertise and also spanning many areas of subject matter expertise.  From correctly executing a low-cost, internal labor-only project to capital spends of up to $350 million and programs of nearly $1 billion, from software to equipment, from new product development to efficiency improvement, there is very little we haven’t already done.

  • Project Management
    • Training
    • Managing Projects
  • Startup Management
    • Innovations
    • New Product Development
  • Portfolio/Program Management Setup
  • Trouble Project Assessments & Turnarounds
  • Project Management Office (setup or operate on your behalf)
  • EPMS/MS Project Server –SharePoint Implementations
  • Customized Project Management Training Solutions
  • Project Manager & Executive Coaching
  • Project Audits and Failed Project Forensics
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