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The Team

Alonso Valera

Alonso Valera extends our teams reach into South America with his contacts in Peru, Chile and Ecuador. He adds auditing, food safety and food defense. He brings experience in BRC, HACCP, bakery operations, and a slew of vocational training.

Mr. Valera is a professional dedicated to the implementation of quality management systems (ISO 9001) and safety (HACCP, ISO 22000, etc.) under the concepts of responsibility, communication and leadership. Committed to the health of people, respect and compliance with the state and support for the industry.

He has been training and advising more than 20 companies in Peru, Chile and Ecuador on food safety and quality issues. E-mail: Cell phone: 961623830 / DNI: 45273973


Relevant Career Highlights

  • Independent Consultant – Engineer in industries, Food UNALM collegiate.  Specialist in security, safety and food productivity.  Educated by the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, La Molina National Agrarian University and Food Safety from the University of Salamanca (Spain).
  • Qualified control professional
  • Preventive measures and assessment of vulnerability and intentional adulteration by the FSPCA (USA) and by the Food Defense Institute (USA).
  • Risk Manager ISO 31000 PECB (Canada) and specialist in risk management techniques ISO 31010. (Uruguay)
  • IFS Trainer for IFS Food standards. Knowledge in management systems PGH, HACCP, and BRC, FSSC 22000

Relevant Projects

  • 2021- Head of Operations IBRO – ACADEMY Responsible for managing and executing advisory and training services on food safety standards for the Peruvian market. 
    • Audit to AGROINDUSTRIAS AIB SA commissioned by REWE group (Germany).
    • Training in IFS FOOD Internal Auditor
    • Training in the course Dangers for packaging for companies ITALPLAST
    • Training in progress IFS PAC SECURE Internal auditor for ITALPLAST company
    • Training in progress IFS PAC SECURE for ITALPLAST company
    • Training in HACCP for COFIMAR company
    • Training in Food Fraud and Food defense OPEN Course
    • Training in BRCGS complementary to the course BRCGS Internal Auditor OPEN
    • Training in FSSC 22000 1 for company ALFACHILENA
    • Training in IFS 7 Approach to changes for company PULMAHUE
    • Training in IFS 7 Approach to changes for a Chilean company CONCHA Y TORO


    • Training in RISK MANAGEMENT FSSC 22000 1 for BIOCON DEL PERU SAC
    • Training in HACCP for COSTA VIVA PERU SAC
    • Training support in FSMA preventive controls, OPEN mode
    • Internal audit training support for BRC, OPEN mode
    • Training in IFS Global Markets- SUK.
    • Support training in Internal Auditor BRCGS-International
    • Training introduction to FOOD DEFENSE AND FOOD FRAUD ITP of Peru
    • Training in Food Defense and Food Fraud for a company CHILFRESH


    • Training in Food Fraud and Food Defense for the company AEG Nutrición.
    • Training in Food Fraud for ICH CORP company


    2020 –Current Freelance Consultant-Trainer SGS del Perú SAC

    • Advice on DIGESA
    • Training in FAUI FSSC 22000 1 for Mondelez International.
    • Training in BRCGS Food V8 for the company Alicorp SAA
    • Training in introduction to the BRCGS and HACCP standard for a MEGA company
    • Training in FAUI HACCP for CAES company
    • Training in HACCP OPEN course
    • Training in HACCP for PESQUERA PACIFICO CENTRO company
    • Training in HACCP for a company LIMBA SERVICES (HEINIKEN PERU)
    • Training in HACCP + BRCGS for company AGRILEZA
    • Training for the company NALTECH FAUI
    • Training in HACCP for REDONDOS company
    • Training in BPM, POES and HACCP for the CASA ANDINA hotel line
    • Training in GMP for dining services of the UPC
    • Training in BPM for UNACEM restaurants
    • Training in BRCGS Version 8 for IPRISCO SAC
    • Training in FSSC 22000 Version 5 for MACCHU PICCHU FOODS
    • Training in Microbiological Risk Management UNMSM

    October 2018 – August 2019 Quality Supervisor K+S Peru

    • Preparation of Manual of Good Manufacturing
    • Elaboration of Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Preparation of Technical
    • Elaboration of process control for 2 lines of retail and industrial
    • Processing of Sanitary Records through the
    • Preparation of HACCP audit according to official DIGESA check
    • Procedure for Controlled Chemicals for laboratory
    • Control of suppliers, claims and complaints management, process controls, verification of compliance with hygiene programs and external
    • Preparation and implementation of the HACCP plan for 2 salt production
    • Official Technical Validation of the HACCP plan by the
    • Homologation of Suppliers with an approved
    • Preparation of Food Defense

    May 2018 – July 2018 Pastipan Quality Supervisor

    • Preparation of Manual of Good Manufacturing
    • Elaboration of Hygiene and Sanitation
    • Preparation of Technical
    • Store
    • Development of process control for the bakery
    • Processing of Sanitary Records through the VUCE


Vocational Training

  • Risk Techniques Course-UNIT (Uruguay)
  • Official Course BRCGS Packaging.
  • Official course FSSC 22000 5.1.
  • IFS 7 Official Course.
  • Official Course BRC Validation and Verification-BRCGS
  • Risk Manager ISO 31000-PECB
  • Official Course BRC Root Cause Analysis-BRCGS
  • Official Course BRC Environmental Monitoring-BRCGS
  • Official Course FSSC 22000 Version 5.
  • Food Defense Qualified Individual (FDQI)-FSPCA and Food
    Defense Institute-USA
  • Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI)-FSPCA.
  • BRC Food Fraud-BRCGS Official Course.
  • Official course BRC Risk Management-BRCGS.
  • Course on Food Defense and Food Fraud-MAIA Consultants.
  • Official course BRC Version 8-BRCGS.
  • Diploma in Quality Management and Food Safety- PUCP- 1st Place.
  • Specialization in Quality and Productivity Management- UNALM – 2nd Place.
  • Specialization in Food Safety-APPCC- Foundation of the University of Salamanca-Spain.
  • Course-Workshop Containers, Packaging and Packaging Materials.
  • Virtual Food Labeling Course.
  • Course-Workshop Food Hazards: Toxicology, Microbiology and Foreign Materials – La Molina National Agrarian University.
  • Currently studying the Diploma in quality and productivity of the Technological Institute of Monterrey-Mexico.
  • Currently studying a diploma in Containers and packaging at Envapack-Colombia.
  • HACCP courses approved at basic and advanced levels by the
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