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Scott Moore

Scott M has a background in Industrial Engineering that he has paired with Project Management and Continuous Improvement to generate outstanding results for Chiquita, Fresh Express, & Milliken & Co.  With an extensive background in TPM he lead three plants to achieve the prestigious JIPM “TPM Award for Excellence”.

In addition to his continuous improvement experience, Scott is an accomplished project manager having successfully executed over $20 MM in capital supporting over 20 New Product Lines within budget and on schedule.  Whether you are starting new venture or improving an old one, Scott offers a unique approach combined with skill and experience you need to make it successful.

Continuous Improvement: TPM | JIPM | Training Development & Delivery | TPM Pillar Development | Kaizen Events | Root Cause Analysis Facilitation and Training | Loss Systems Implementation | 5S | Manufacturing Process Improvement

Industrial Engineering: Industrial Engineering | Time Studies | Work Sampling |Bottleneck Identification| Development of Cost Standards | Work Design | ISO 9000

Project Management: Startup Manager | Capital Management | Equipment Installation | Packaging Equipment | Processing Equipment | Project Manager

Relevant Career Highlights

  • Independent Consultant – Managing Partner @ Moore Industrial Engineering; Leads successful startups for large projects of $10MM+ Delivering value to clients by successfully reducing Startup Curve from 12 weeks to 5 weeks while ensuring the project exceeds performance targets.
  • Chiquita/Fresh Express –  Sr. Continuous Improvement Mgr; Successfully developed a loss tracking system to allow Chiquita to identify and eliminate manufacturing losses across the organization resulting in savings of > $20MM in 2 years; Developed, Championed and Launched the TPM Pillar system used by Chiquita today with specific responsibility for three of the Pillars.  This system is changing the culture that will be able to sustain its improvements through a system approach that involves all stakeholders in the process. This pillar system routinely reduces operation costs by $6 – $8MM per yr.
  • Industrial Engineer; Successfully launched over 20 new products to market. In addition to Supporting New Product Development Scott managed over $20MM in Capital Spending Projects, Maintained Cost Standards on over 150 different SKUs, Developed and Maintained Capacity Models for manufacturing and routinely led successful process improvement events
  • Milliken & Co. – TPM Manager; responsible for leading 3 plants to achieve the distinguished “JIPM: TPM Award for Excellence”.  Successfully transformed a culture to proactively maintain a world class operation vs reactively chase failures.
  • Process Improvement Engineer;  Responsible for Quality, Cost, Safety and Delivery of RS Poly Ctn Product Line.  Became Lowest Cost Producer in company while achieving zero safety Incidents.  Coordinator for ISO 9000 Quality Standard.  Maintained Quality system which consists of written procedures, work practices, auditing both internally and externally to ensure compliance.

Relevant Projects

  • Milliken – Lead 3 Plants to achieve the TPM award for Excellence.  At the time it was only 3 of 20 plants in the United States to earn the honor.  In most cases the cultural transformation takes 2 to 3 years however Scott was able to work with his team to achieve it in 18 months.  This achievement resulted in 50% reduction in Breakdowns, 60% Reduction in Minor Stops, 95% Reduction in Safety Incidents and 30% reduction in operating costs.
  • At Fresh Express, Replaced 10 packaging lines with more efficient models.  Included successful startup execution of Engineering, Installation, Training, Commissioning and Qualification.
  • At Chiquita, developed 3 Pillars of the TPM System used to transform to a proactive mindset of maintaining the plant at a high level.  As a support for this, a Root Cause Analysis training program was created for many levels of the organization including from Operators up to Plant Leaders.  Operators were trained how to identify and recognize the loss, Mechanics and Supervisors were trained how to get to actual Root Cause and Managers were coached on how to facilitate the overall session.  As a result Chiquita has begun solving problems that were previously recurring.
  • At Fresh Express, combined Classical Industrial Engineering with Process Improvements to troubleshoot a Healthy Snacking product line that was scheduled to be idled for lack of performance.  After measuring the work on that line, was able to determine that the volume was more conducive to a U shaped work cell than an assembly line.  As a result of the Rapid Improvement event the operation costs were reduced by 40% and the line is still in production over 5 years later.
  • At Fresh Express, developed capacity model to allow operations to have visibility of their capacity which allowed them to accept more orders and become more profitable.  As a result the plant increased from 110K to 126K cases/day.
  • At ConAgra, currently the Start Up Manager for a process to produce Margarine with No Trans Fats, producing an overall healthier choice for consumers. The processing of the new formula is a more complex to produce requiring Cross Functional involvement of many teams in the plant including Operations, Maintenance, and Quality.  In addition the project requires resources from National Engineering to work with Research, Quality and Innovations.  Currently the project is on target to deliver under budget.


  • BS, Industrial Engineering Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University, Marietta, GA
  • Advanced Industrial Engineering, Milliken University, Spartanburg, SC
  • TPM, (3X) JIPM – TPM Award for Excellence, Milliken & Co.  Okinawa, Japan
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