OneFoodTeam media relations services connect with targeted stakeholders, enhance reputations and generate sales and revenue. Whether raising awareness around an important issue, making a product a marketplace “star” or elevating the visibility of a company or executive team, we have the expertise, creative approaches and 1:1 contacts to generate local, regional, national or global prominence.

Our belief is that rather than a brief sizzle of media interest or Internet notoriety, most clients are better served by integrating a longer-term media strategy that leverages compelling, relevant and strategically-focused news to create growing momentum and a sustainable base of positive perception. Finally, we maintain a solid base of active media contacts and resources across all critical categories.

• Media Strategy
• Compelling Materials Development
• 1:1 Media Outreach and Placement
• Media Training
• Press Briefings, Conferences and Events
• Media Tours, Photo Opportunities, Video Story Development
• Media Relations to Manage Crises or Issues
• Social Media Strategies, Assessment and Implementation